redhat-config-bind screws up my config

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at
Wed Nov 26 11:11:00 UTC 2003


I tried redhat-config-bind and it broke my configs.

Example: a proper zonefile becomes:

@	IN	NS	hal9000

@	A	IN	A
hal9000	IN	IN	A
guru	IN	IN	A
notice the "IN IN", which results in 

Nov 26 05:58:53 hal9000 named[7477]: dns_rdata_fromtext: near 'IN': bad dotted quad
Nov 26 05:58:53 hal9000 named[7477]: zone lokales.netz/IN: loading
master file bad dotted quad

Also it displays phantom entries, which are not in the zonefiles or
shows doubles, which I can not delete.

A weapon of mass destruction I think!

BTW.: Can anybody tell my about named.custom? I know that I should put 
options in there not supported by redhat-config-bind, but
1. named does not read the file
2. how do I know which options are supported? Trail & Error: Put the
options in named.conf and see which are deleted???

Thanks a lot


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