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On 11/26/03 1:45 AM, "Don" <dnrlinux at> spoke thusly:

> I'm trying to set up sendmail so I can receive e-mail directly, in
> addition to using my isp supplied e-mail.
> My biggest concern is that I don't want people on the internet to be
> able to use my smtp server as a means to send mail to people with the
> result making it look like it me... I think that's called "relaying"...
> Anyway... can anybody recommend any good books on setting up sendmail?

Like most people would say, O'Reily's 'Bat' book on Sendmail is really
usefull, and it is in a reference sort of way. Their companion 'Sendmail
Cookbook' is a must have too as it contains specific examples. As a new Sys
Admin., I just jumped in to Sendmail. I had heard the arguments from others
that sendmail sucked, was too hard, had security issues, etc. Try Postfix,
Qmail, etc. instead. Well, Sendmail did have security issues--several years
ago, in its infancy! Its file is very difficult to configure.
That¹s why everything is done in the file where things are much
more manageable! I have yet to experience any issues and have been up and
running for two years now. My main issue really is trying to instead manage
our companies spam problem. Anyway....

By default, Sendmail will not allow relaying. The, usually in
/etc/mail, has a line that starts:

DAEMON_OPTIONS(`Port=smtp,Addr=, Name=MTA')dnl

Like the note, in the file, above this line says: 'this causes Sendmail to
only listen on the loopback address'. Commenting this line out will cause
Sendmail to listen on all interfaces. (don't forget to run 'make' and
restart your mail server)

A few helpful links would be:

Setting up a mail gateway: (this talks about a lot more than mail, but is
relevant to getting your mail from an ISP as well. So you'll want to look at
the mail stuff specifically)

Setting up a mailserver:

A really helpful link is Peter Harrison's website, (I suggest purchasing his
book(s), it's only available in pdf format. The cost is only $5.00 (per
book) and worth it! He has more info in the pdf than on his website. The pdf
also has examples of the full config files.) Note: I'm not pushing his book,
I just found it really helpful at times.

You can see what else he has at

Anyway, I hope this helps.

Craig D.


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