vmware on FC1, on inspiron 8100

Mentor fjmf01 at terra.es
Thu Nov 27 12:06:09 UTC 2003

Robert P. J. Day escribio el dia 26/11/2003 18:51:

>   on fairly short notice, i'd like to get the latest version of vmware workstation
> (release 6030, downloading as we speak) running on my inspiron 8100, under
> FC 1.  i'm flexible as to whether i run, as a guest OS, win2k or win xp, the main
> goal is to be running (ugh!) MS word -- sadly, openoffice won't quite do the job
> here, but the main thing is to get the OS up and running.
>   i'm about to hit the list archives, but if anyone has advice/pointers/URLs for a
> reliable recipe under these circumstances, by all means, you can email me off-
> line.  any gotchas i need to worry about, that sort of thing.  thanks for any advice.
> i wish this could have been a more leisurely process, but life's like that, sometimes.
> rday
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Try Crossoffice from Codeweavers instead Vmware. Word runs quite well, 
and doesn't overload too much.

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