disappearing modem on Digital PC 5400

James Jones jamesjones01 at mchsi.com
Sat Nov 29 21:00:23 UTC 2003

I just finished installing Fedora Core 1 on an old Digital PC 5400 (200 
MHz Pentium Pro from back in the pre-DIMM days). The computer came with 
Windows NT, but I fetched what files were of interest to me and did a 
clean install, giving the whole 8.something Gbyte hard drive over to 
Linux (it has the latest BIOS I can find for it, which claims to support 
8.something Gbyte hard drives)..

On the computer I had installed a Sony SuperStation (which I have read 
elsewhere is a big mistake, but that's probably not important right now) 
and a Zoom modem--I am pretty sure it is not a Windows-only modem, since 
I made a point of avoiding them in anticipation of a move to Linux. The 
Fedora installation apparently detected it, because when I did the 
reboot after the install, the screen showing the details of booting came 
up and said that I'd removed a "generic serial modem," and did I want to 
remove the configuration? I said yes. I have no reason to doubt that it 
did so, but firing up the Hardware Browser shows that it sees a "Zoom 
V90 Internal Faxmodem Unknown".

This computer is planned to go to a friend who could use it, and she'll 
need dialup capabilities. How should I proceed from this point to get 
the modem recognized and usable? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    James Jones

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