Black Friday fun with Fedora

Brian Fahrlander Brian at
Sat Nov 29 21:31:43 UTC 2003

On Fri, 2003-11-28 at 11:02, Preston Crawford wrote:
> So my wife rushed out this morning to Target to get an $88 digital camera. 3.3 mp.
> Plugged it into my desktop (running Fedora, of course) and all I had to do was add
> an entry into fstab for the camera and create a directory under /mnt/ and I was
> able to mount the camera just fine. Wild. It's a Vivitar (can't remember the model
> off the top of my head) if anyone cares. Anyway, what a nice surprise.  Preston

    Yep.  Isn't that great?  I love it.  There are sites that track
which pieces of hardware work with Linux; if you get the time, drop by
and acknowledge that whichever one you got, works.  It's sure to save
someone time, somewhere. 

    That's also why I take part in these conversations; later, maybe a
year from now, I might be buying a camera like this and Google helps me
find'em again.  

    You might find that the gPhoto package will help you do neat things,
too!  It's now in two parts.  The familar part is gtkam, it uses a
gphoto2 library to communicate with 400+ cameras.  Ya never know- you
might get lucky.

    I had a few minutes to play with it; it had provisions for saving
audio, recording up to 3m of video and all that stuff.  Nice program!


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