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Re: off topic: test.

HaJo Schatz wrote:
> I actually also doubt that many people here actively maintain a
> killfile...

For what it's worth, I maintain a very small "killfile" (actually a Mutt
scoring file): it contains one caustic twit who I decided counted as a
cranky troll, whose messages get automatically marked as read. It has
included people who kept sending "out of office" replies to the list, but
I've tried a rule to get all "out of office" replies, which seems to
have been working.

A few other people who have been clue-resistant get marked down, but at
the moment, I'll still see their messages. (Actually, I probably ought
to let them out again...)

It will automatically mark as read a few threads (by subject: if someone
bothers to change the subject, the chances are the thread's changed
subject and might be worth reading).

But it's most useful because I can score *up* a small number of people
as being worth reading. They get different colours in the index and
different colour headings.

I don't include people just because they send test messages to the list!


E-mail address: james | "Land Rover say it is permanent, I say I have a
@westexe.demon.co.uk  | large selection of spanners and a big hammer..."
                      |     -- Derry Hamilton

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