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Re: MP3 playing problems (again)

Gustavo have you downloaded and installed for instance

xmms-mp3-??? form
more precisely
a file named  xmms-mp3-1.2.10-9.1.1.fc3.fr.i386.rpm as
super user do a rpm -ivh xmms-mp*
Then go to xmms and reove the MP3 Mpeg Place Holder
and your mp3 files should play without a problem.  You
could also have downloaded from yum or apt-get but you
should still be able to play mp3's without a problem.

--- Gustavo Seabra <seabra ksu edu> wrote:

> Hi guys,
> I'm sorry to bother you again with those mp3
> problems... I guess it is a 
> faq already. But here's what's happening to me:
> I'm trying to play a couple of mp3 files and:
> 1. Kaffeine or xine: starts playing then, after
> about 30 seconds, starts 
> cracking and then just freezes.
> 2. Kaboodle, Noatun: starts playing ok but soon
> starts cracking and the 
> play speed increases and decreases without reason.
> 3. XMMS: Pretends to play, but there's no sound at
> all.
> 4. Rhythmbox: Everytime I try to use it, I get the
> messages:
>        Error: Could not pause playback
>        Error (2): ALSA device "default" is already
> in use by another 
> program.
>      and it never plays anything.
> Has anybody had any experience with this? All the
> programs I'm using are 
> up-to-date, and my hardware is:
>     - P-III 450
>     - onboard Crystal CS4237B sound card.
>     - Driver used is snd-CS4236, 3.8.1a-980706 (ALSA
> v1.0.6 Emulation Code)
>  -- 
> --
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> Gustavo Seabra - Graduate Student
> Chemistry Department
> Kansas State University
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Hope it works,


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