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Tue Jan 6 22:37:29 UTC 2004

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> Davor Herga wrote:
> >Ahoj!
> >
> >Anybody knows where to find some sort of Menu editor for Gnome in Fedora
> >Core 1.
> >  
> >
> Nautilus is the intended tool for editing menus in gnome, but it's 
> turned off by default. To enable menu editing with nautilus, go to 
> /etc/gnome-vfs-2.0/modules and replace default-modules.conf with 
> default-modules.conf.with-menu-editing.
> Then, as a normal user, go to start-here:/// in nautilus, and start 
> moving/adding program launchers. You can also edit the menu from the 
> menu: right-click on a menu item and choose from the various options 
> found there.

Ahoj again!

Thanx for the advice Michael, but it seems it didn't work well...
I couldn't find menu editor, so I turned to the old conf script,
but I've lost my menu almost completely.
I did the reinstall of all gnome-vfs and gnome-vfs2, but no good.
So now I am forced to use the default-modules.conf.with-menu-editing or
there is no menu.

Also when I go to start-here:///, everything is empty....

Any ideas?

Thanx and


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