Making an updated DVD.

Benjamin J. Weiss benjamin at
Fri Jan 16 14:49:06 UTC 2004

From: "Steffan Jacobs" <steffanjacobs at>
> Jeremy Hogan wrote:
> >On Thu, 2004-01-15 at 10:27, Steffan Jacobs wrote:
> >
> >
> >>Hi,
> >>
> >>Does anyone know a howto on creating a updated installation DVD (or
> >>CD's) from the original tree and downloaded update packages. I've been
> >>looking around on the internet, but I can't seem to find it.
> >>
> >Here's a script.
> >
> >
> >
> I'm not sure this script is really what I'm looking for. I have already
> created a DVD from the original ISO's when they came out. Now I want to
> update that DVD so that it will install the updated packages right away.
> As I understand I will have to do more than just replace the packages to
> achieve this. If I copy the DVD's contents to the harddrive and use it
> as a tree for this script will anaconda be able to find those packages?

I'm sorry that I can't recall the specifics, but I seem to recall that the
process runs something like this (from an earlier thread that I couldn't
find again, sorry)

1) copy the CD files to a tree on the HD (make sure that you get the files
that start with a period, as well)
2) use yum/apt/up2date to just download the files and headers to a temporary
3) move the downloaded, updated files to the RPMS directory and delete the
old versions.
4) run some kind of utility (I can't remember what) to update the info files
in the tree, so that the new files are seen instead of the old
5) burn to CD/DVD

Maybe you could ask on the devel list, I'm sure that the Fedora packagers
must hang out there and can detail the procedure.


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