Hardrive clicking / Kernel issue or daemon ?

vejmarie at numericable.fr vejmarie at numericable.fr
Thu Jun 3 02:41:07 UTC 2004


I just have installed successfully FC2 on my brand new laptop ( Compaq R3140US )
based on AMD64 mobile chip. I have manage to run it with the nvidia driver (
without GLX support in hardware unfortunatly , the GLX library provided seems
to work only with Xfree86 stack and not Xorg ), I face a strange issue right
now with my hard drive.

It is clicking let's say every 10 to 30 s like if the head of the hardrive where
put in an off position and restarted or like if my disk was going to die. I
though that my hard drive was a Dead on arrival one and re installed windows to
check ( sorry for the debugging way ), and everything works fine so it seems to
be a Linux issue, tried with redHat AS 3 and no issue, so seems to be FC 2

I am running with ACPI as to be able to support powernow from K8 chip. That is
right now mandatory for me otherwise with standard AMD way my BIOS doesn't
support the magic PST structure which will allow to unconfigure ACPI.

I have turned off the maximum daemon that I could, any idea from where the
problem could come ?


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