Dear Fedora Community, what do you want?

Sean Estabrooks seanlkml at
Fri Jun 4 13:25:59 UTC 2004

On Fri, 04 Jun 2004 21:05:53 +0800
Christopher Chan <cchan at> wrote:

> Right. So if manufacturer is restricted from doing just that then too 
> bad, don't use whatever they are able to give you. That's like, hey, you 
> can use it but you ain't gonna cause the driver doesn't come with 
> freedoms. I guess in your case it don't matter too much since you 
> obviously don't need features provided by non Free/Open drivers.
> I guess I just glad there's a Zoran driver available but hey, if I can 
> find a MPEG2/4 encoder card with binary drivers that work, i ain't gonna 
> sniff at it let alone go around telling people they should not buy/use it.

There's gratitude for you.   Do you care nothing about the developers
who created Linux for you?   Do you not understand _how_ it came
to be that you have access to Linux in the first place?  Don't you 
understand that you only have Linux due to the commitment to
open source shown by the people who created it?    

Are you so self centered that you can't even for a moment think about 
what you can do to support the people who gave you this gift?   Do 
you not understand that without open hardware on which to run, Linux 
as you know it is in a world of hurt?   Perhaps you could show just a 
little more thankfulness and respect for Linux by supporting the 
people and process that created it.


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