Dear Fedora Community, what do you want?

Christopher Chan cchan at
Fri Jun 4 13:57:15 UTC 2004

Sean Estabrooks wrote:
> On Fri, 04 Jun 2004 21:05:53 +0800
> Christopher Chan <cchan at> wrote:
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>>Right. So if manufacturer is restricted from doing just that then too 
>>bad, don't use whatever they are able to give you. That's like, hey, you 
>>can use it but you ain't gonna cause the driver doesn't come with 
>>freedoms. I guess in your case it don't matter too much since you 
>>obviously don't need features provided by non Free/Open drivers.
>>I guess I just glad there's a Zoran driver available but hey, if I can 
>>find a MPEG2/4 encoder card with binary drivers that work, i ain't gonna 
>>sniff at it let alone go around telling people they should not buy/use it.
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> There's gratitude for you.   Do you care nothing about the developers
> who created Linux for you?   Do you not understand _how_ it came
> to be that you have access to Linux in the first place?  Don't you 
> understand that you only have Linux due to the commitment to
> open source shown by the people who created it?    

What, may I ask, do the developers of Linux have to do with this? The 
developers of Linux may get round to writing a driver they have specs 
for. How am I ungrateful if there is nothing on which the developers can 
work on and the company goes/has to go binary driver path?
> Are you so self centered that you can't even for a moment think about 
> what you can do to support the people who gave you this gift?   Do 
> you not understand that without open hardware on which to run, Linux 
> as you know it is in a world of hurt?   Perhaps you could show just a 
> little more thankfulness and respect for Linux by supporting the 
> people and process that created it.

Which planet do you live on? Like there is a lot of open hardware around 
to pick from. I've done what I can as I am able/allowed to but I sure am 
not turning down the only alternatives to non-existent 'open hardware' 
and going around saying you should not buy/use them when there are no 

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