Lost Screen Savers!? :-(

Timothy Wagner tkw722 at adelphia.net
Wed Jun 9 00:39:47 UTC 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen!

Well, I was much enjoying my dvd /The Italian Job/ when my screensaver 
popped on. In response to this I promptly opened the screensaver config 
window for KDE and unchecked the box "start screensaver automatically". 
After this I returned to my movie and much enjoyed the ending without 
any screensaver interruption. Little did I know, I will never be 
interrupted by a screensaver ever again. For some reason, disabling the 
"start screensaver automatically" checkbox *really* means /delete all 
screensavers from possibly being used./ Has anyone seen of this problem? 
I have searched my hard drive and have found where the screensaver files 
are (//usr/X11R6/lib/xscreensaver/). They are all there. Its just that 
the list in the configuration window for KDE is blank. How do I get my 
list back!? Thanks everyone!

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