fedora core 2 sore spots

Trond Are Haugland trondare at trolltech.com
Wed Jun 9 11:05:32 UTC 2004

dsyates wrote:
> Up2date sucks less than it did in FC1; but I still experience seemingly 
> random unresponsiveness. I appreciate the fact that that it handles 

Up2date as shipped by FC1 was broken, but an update was released
soon thereafter which fixed the issues. Worked perfectly after that.
Random unresponsiveness? In what way?

> mirror sites better. I guess my gripe with up2date are aimed more at the 
> gui functionality of the program. It does do a good job of notifying me 
> when updates are needed; but a good 20% of the time, it's plum miserable 
> at retrieving them. I only use yum for that now. On a related topic, I

Does it retrieve your packages or not? If it doesn't, then something is
wrong with either the mirror you are using or your internet connection.
It's retrieving packages just fine here and on the dozens of other boxes
I've used up2date on.

> like apt better than yum, but I am using yum instead, hoping it will 
> grow on me. In hind site maybe "sucks" is too strong a word. I just wish 
> up2date worked better. A google search on "up2date sucks" "2004" yields 
> 22 results :-)

A google search on "dsyates sucks" yields 16 results :-)

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