Cygwin access Xterm

C. Linus Hicks lhicks at
Wed Jun 16 06:10:16 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-06-16 at 02:03, Eric Diamond wrote:
> Monday, June 14, 2004 10:10 AM David Carter asked:
> > Does anyone have a good writeup on configuring Cygwin to 
> > access Fedora FC1 on SSH or VNC?  I would like to see the 
> > same desktop as remotely
> Good choice! With Cygwin it's almost too easy. ;->
> On the windows side, you need to install X in Cygwin. It's the second to
> last option in the installer and was not selected by default the last
> time I did an install a couple of months ago.
> On the FC1 side, you need to run gdmsetup (System Settings -> Login
> Screen) and set the 'Enable XDMCP' checkbox on the SDMCP tab. You will
> then need to restart X. Logging out and then back in will do.
> Finally, from a Cygwin command line, run 'X --query <system name>'.
> You'll get a full screen X session from the remote machine.

Just FYI, Cygwin has deprecated xfree and now use xorg.

C. Linus Hicks <lhicks at>

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