hard drive clicking

Bill Johnson Bill at JohnsonAcres.com
Mon Jun 21 23:32:15 UTC 2004

Apologies if this post seems redundant.  I recently read some posts about 
people having problems with the hard drive clicking under Fedora Core 1.  
I am experiencing that same issue, and wanted to re-read the thread, but 
cannot find it. I've searched the archives to no avail.  So, can anybody 
give me the solution?  

A reminder of the issue:

Under Fedora Core 1, my laptop hard drive periodically (not always) starts 
clicking in that ominous way hard drives do when they are about to go 
belly up.  However, this is a dual boot laptop, and the problem never 
occurs when running windows, and never occurred with Redhat 9 before this.  
It only seems to occur under Fedora Core 1.  And there seems to be no 
pattern to it.  Sometimes it happens and sometimes it doesn't.  I am 
keeping good backups, in case the hard drive is really going south, but 
the fact it does not occur on Windows makes me think the problem is not 
hardware related.

Any help?

Bill Johnson

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