User names in FC2

Michael Gargiullo mgargiullo at
Wed Jun 23 18:37:36 UTC 2004

On Wed, 2004-06-23 at 13:47, Rick Stevens wrote:
> Jose Gonzalez wrote:
> > I need to add user names with the general form [FirstName].[LastName] 
> > (Example: david.morgan), but I receive an error like 'Invalid 
> > username....'. Is possible to use the point '.' in the user name..?  In 
> > previous versions (Redhat 7.x) there is no problem.
> You are not allowed to have embedded spaces in usernames.  The standard
> practice is to use a "." to separate the two names:
> 	john.smith
> Yes, it works in FC1 and FC2.  Be forewarned: using capitalization is
> also dangerous.  "John.Smith" is NOT the same user as "john.smith" and
> can wreak havoc with email.  I recommend only using lower-case letters
> in user names.  RFC822 states that domain names are case-insensitive,
> but the "local part" of an email address (the username) is NOT case-
> insensitive.  As a result, standard practice is to make the usernames
> lower case.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------

While email addresses can contain periods and underscores.  Usernames
cannot.  This changed after RH8 or 9.  The Shadow Utilites package
underwent changes.  I know there are hacked shadow-util packages that
allow the periods in usernames under fedora, I wouldn't recommend them.

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