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KMail intermittently fails to send


I have had a problem for quite a while with KMail where sometimes messages do 
not send properly.

The error message that appears when this happens isn't particularly helpful, 
it just says:

The server responded: ""

I have access to the logs of the mailserver that is being used, and I can see 
that sometimes, even though the messages don't look like they have been sent, 
I can see entries in the maillog of the messages going. KMail seems to think 
that they haven't gone though, and they stay in the outbox.

However, sometimes I get the message, and when I check the maillog, the 
message HAS NOT gone.

I cannot seem to find any pattern emerging with this behaviour. Has anyone 
else ever experienced this? I haven't been able to find any other references 
to this problem where the server responds with a blank error message.



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