FC2 = Win 3.1 wanabe

mickey fru5tr4t10n at mail.com
Fri Jun 4 07:11:33 UTC 2004

Hi All,
I'm sure most of you will be quite upset to c such a remark on tis mailing list...
I'm really not trying to provoke anyone, i juz felt that mayb we could be abit more open
to such criticism, afterall he may really have some valid reasons for saying wat he said...

I must make it clear that i am definitely not FOR M$ and i think that linux is really great.
However, i'm sure there are still things which we can improve on... one thing for sure, we can't run 
away from the fact that linux is harder to setup and configure in order to get it working flawlessly
on some systems... wat do you guys say?


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Date: Fri, 04 Jun 2004 14:14:34 +1000
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Subject: Re: FC2 = Win 3.1 wanabe

> Hey everyone - why don't we just ignore this?  We all agree that we're 
> wonderful & Fedora Core is wonderful, don't we?
> Perhaps we can make a competition out of it:  how to get "Randy 
> Ramsdell" our of "William Gates"....
> Randy Ramsdell wrote:
> > What a mess.
> >
> > ASUS p4p800 f'd up beyond belief
> > Had less problems installing windows 3.1
> > Remember the days on win3.1? Well, welcome back to the yesteryear OS 
> > stability.
> >
> >
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