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Re: Dear Fedora Community, what do you want?

No, I told other to avoid using Dan's software like qmail or tinyDNS
which are not in the public domain (or at least last time I looked).

ok, so what's wrong with software that come with no license but a redistribution restriction to a certain way.

You, however, have told everybody that they should use only GPL software or alternatives or what not.

Never. That is a lie. I dare you prove otherwise.
I've said that people should use Free Software, but to be Free Software
you don't need to use the GNU GPL.

Apache is Free Software, although it now is incompatible with the GNU
GPL as it currently stands (note that the FSF only comments that there
is an added restriction relating to patents and since the GPL doesn't
allow any more restrictions they are incompatible).

I didn't put it clear enough but 'alternatives' was supposed to stand for X/MIT, BSD whatever that's 'Open' as in freedom to whatever. So what's the problem with DJBware that is not in the public domain again?

I never said the drivers should be GPL'ed. That would probably break the
license of xorg's x11. I said they should use the Lesser GPL, which
protects the interest of both parts. There is a quid pro quod with the
Lesser GPL'ed software so no competitor can really abuse that much, and
it benefits users.

Tsk, you ignore people without even giving a minimal effor to understand
what they write... is it that I write such bad english that it is
impossible to understand?

Your LGPL part came later...you did not start off LGPL for drivers.

No. I will be happy with Free Software drivers that use a Free Software
license that is compatible both with xorg x11 and the GNU GPL.

Advising Lesser GPL for drivers is a matter of thinking on fair benefits
for the hardware manufacturers.

Right. So if manufacturer is restricted from doing just that then too bad, don't use whatever they are able to give you. That's like, hey, you can use it but you ain't gonna cause the driver doesn't come with freedoms. I guess in your case it don't matter too much since you obviously don't need features provided by non Free/Open drivers.

I guess I just glad there's a Zoran driver available but hey, if I can find a MPEG2/4 encoder card with binary drivers that work, i ain't gonna sniff at it let alone go around telling people they should not buy/use it.

Why do you hate people so much you'd advise them to wear shackles?

hmm, i did not advise them to wear shackles. What's the problem with using what's provided/available even if it is not under GPL (ok software only now) or LGPL (software + drivers or whatever)

You are aware of a little thing called copyright law, and laws recently
approved in the EU that allow one to see his house raided by private
police without a warrant on alledged violations of copyright, right?

If you use only Free Software, you're safe from that. Unless software
patents come accross, and software patents have to be taken down.

We're trying to do that, in Europe, even before they ever get born.


Today's society sucks too in other ways. So what now, be a hermit or something?

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