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Fedora Core 2 as internet gateway

Hello all,

This is a kind of long post, but if you answer it, I
believe it will help a lot of people.  If I end up
getting it working, I am going to post the solution on
my website for others.

I would like to set up a dialup internet gateway where
all the computers on my LAN would use a single
computer's dialup connection to connect to the

I would like the gateway to be running Fedora Core 2. 
Could someone give me instructions on how to set this
up?  I have googled for it, but most either point to
older versions of RedHat or use a cable modem as their
connection.  I need to share a dialup connection.  

So to start this off, my first questions:
1.) What IP do I need to give the gateway?  I assume
one of the reserved ie. or similar.
2.) What do I put as the gateway IP when setting up
the gateway computers lan connection?  Do I put its
3.) How does one share the dialup connection?  
4.) How does one set the gateway to connect to the
internet when one of the computers on the lan requests
5.) How does NAT/Masquerading get done in this
6.) What about a firewall using iptables?
7.) How difficult is Squid to set up?  Obviously I
will need a proxy because of the slow dialup
connection speed.

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