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Re: FC2 = Win 3.1 wanabe

I agree with this stance. I tried to install Fedora core 2 on a dell optiplex and had no success. It started spontaneously rebooting at CD2. I've also read about problems upgrading from FC1-FC2, so I'm avoiding doing such at this time. I've accepted the fact that there may be some minor growing pains with FC2 and will opt to  remain with FC1 for the time being. I'm having a ball with FC1. It's a great OS!  It's the second linux distro (correct term?) I've used, the previous being RedHat 9.0. FC1 has proved to be an awesome learning tool for a linux newbie such as myself. I'm sure that once FC2 has got beyond it's minor "growing pains" it will be just as enjoyable. The people that have devoted their time and energy in developing the Fedora line deserve nothing less than our highest compliments and, more importantly, our patience....just my 2 cents (CDN)....


On Fri, 2004-06-04 at 10:21, Marc Lucke wrote:
Hey you guys - what do you want for nothing?  Go pay for an Enterprise version of something.  You seem to have exactly no idea.  Have you read about what Fedora is?  Comeone everyone - a hand for the developers of Linux & Fedora & Redhat because if it wasn't for people like them there would truly be no real alternative!  It is people like that that advance our world - that make it a better place.  Gee whiz - I'm blogging a support list!

I've had some problems.  You know what?  I trawled through Google pages.  I read.  I tried stuff.  I got it going.  I'm not some whiz.  I couldn't write any of this stuff to save my life.  I just got off my pedestal and off my big fat lazy butt and made an effort!  I accepted that Fedora is pretty much exactly on the bleeding edge of Linux and I said - hey gee whiz - look at all this stuff!  I paid $0.  I made zero effort.  A big fat zero.

Thank god for Fedora Core 2.  And 1.  Thanks Redhat.  You're all Gods in my book.  Windows 3.1 has its place, but nobody that knows what FC2 or FC1 or even Redhat v5 can make such comparisons!

No more blogging for me.  If I do it again I will force myself to unsubscribe.


Come on.  Get real.  Time to be ashamed of yourself of go back to Redmond.

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