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Repeat questions and a suggestion

So I've been hanging out here for like a week keeping dibs on the Fedora
Core 2 things, and already I see there's the same questions being asked
over and over again.  I'm just a n00b here so do feel free to spank me
if I'm speaking out of turn, or repeating something that's been gone
over 100000 times already.  

I have problems searching the list, alot of times it comes up 'no
matches found' but when I manually eyeball the month's listing, the
exact thing I was searching for is right there.  For example, there was
a person (sorry, don't remember who) who kindly came out with the stats
listing, I saw some interesting threads there and used the search
function to find them....nada :(. I've seen other people have the same

I don't know what's up with the search engine.  The only thing I do know
is that there's some ugly bugs that have come up within the past few
weeks that people keep asking about.  Yes, there's bugzilla.  Yes,
there's a FAQ.  But would it be helpful to maybe list the most recent
bugs and problems here in this list maybe say once a week?  I remember
newsgroups used to have FAQ's posted weekly with the rules of the
newsgroup and any of the latest news/happenings.  Might this not be
useful here?  It doesn't have to be a FAQ, but maybe something like
loud title. 2 things I can think of right off the bat are the XP
Partition Problem(TM) and the Asus Problem(TM).  There's also some video
card problems that might be included as well.  A simple description of
the problem and a link to buzilla and a fix would be in there. 

I'd volunteer to scratch up something if people think it would be
useful. If not then I'll just crawl back into the woodwork where I came
from ;)

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