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Thinkpad X21 Ultrabay ttyS0 port

System: IBM ThinkPad X21 with docking station
OS: Fedora C2 Linux
CPU/Ram: Pentium 700/256Mb
Window manager: Gnome

    I have a thinkpad x21 with a docking station. I
have connected an external modem to the docking
station and then tried to configure a modem network
device to use with fedora core 2 using Gnome. Fedora
core 2 does recognize devices on the docking station,
such at the mouse port, diskette drive and CDrom
drive. However, no matter which serial device address
I select to activate for the modem, I get a hang, then
an error, like error 6 or error 7. I have no idea what
the error means and the system cannot activate the
modem device on the selected serial device. I know
that once activated, I can use "modem lights" to dial
up to my ISP. And yes, the modem is on.

I'd prefer to configure through Gnome, and not to use
a command line instruction - sort of defeats the
purpose to running Gnome :)

Any ideas?

I'd prefer to stick with fedora c2, rather than
loading Mandrake 10 or some other distribution.

Thanks much!


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