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Re: FC2, Evolution, gpilotd dies w/several conduits


I have the same problem with Evolution and gpilotd. Does you found any
fix for the problem ?

Here what I have installed (FC2) :



On Tue, 2004-06-01 at 21:15, Mariano Draghi wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm trying to sync my old PalmVx with Evolution, on FC2.
> It worked perfectly in FC1, but now every time I try to sync, I get a 
> pop-up alert telling me that gpilotd has died unexpectedly, and asking 
> me if I want to inform the developers (which brings me a rather 
> unusefull wizard to write a bugreport... which I'm calling unusefull 
> because I get no info about the crash itself, so I don't know what's 
> going on).
> I tried with lower transfer rates, with no avail.
> Here's a more detailed description of what I could find so far:
> - The Backup Conduit is Ok.
> - The Contacts Conduit works only in "Copy from Pilot" mode; if I try a 
> real "sync", it crashes in the middle of the proccess.
> - The ToDo Conduit works also Ok if I just "Copy from Pilot".
> - The Calendar Conduit crashes either way (both syncing and copying from 
> pilot)
> - The Memo (new?) Conduit "seems" to work (i.e., it doesn't crash), but 
> no data is transfered to the PC
> - I haven't used / tested any other conduit.
> I'd like to know if the Palm<->Evolution syncing is known to be broken 
> in the FC2 boundled versions of Evolution & genome-pilot.
> If not, I'd really appreciate if someone can provide me with some hints 
> as to trace down the crash, in order to try to make a more usefull 
> report of the problem.
> Thanks!
> -- 
> Mariano

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