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Re: Computer Shutsdown

John perez wrote:

I have this problem. When I compile something big..kernel recompile, my computer p4, 512MB RAM, heats up, and the computer shuts down. Can anyone suggest me what do do, to avoid such shutdowns, Kernel recompile, we all know is important. My question might sound stupid, but what shall I do to avoid such things. It wouldn't happen in other OSs. I am sure you have some remedy for this behavior of my computer. Can I do something for efficient cooling of the system?



My duron 1.3G does the same thing as soon as it hits around 70 degrees C. I improved it a bit with a bigger fan, but it still does it. I've been told that my particular chip runs the hottest of the AMD's, and that later models make a lot less heat. By running it with the side cover off it runs a lot cooler, so I can do kernel compiles no worries now. But anything like Setiathome, video processing, or encoding a batch of MP3's causes a reboot.

I know yours isn't an AMD, but on the AMD web site there is a good PDF that runs through how to design a good cooling setup. Sorry I don't have a link handy, but I think I found it through Google.

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