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Re: XFS filesystem size much less than partition size

John Daz wrote:

Hello Friends,
After installing Fedora core 2 with XFS filesystem, I
observed that the filesystem size was always 12M
regardless of the partition size.

12M or 12G?

Even after running
xfs_grow on the partition, the filesystem size is
never more than 90% of the partition size. Does anyone
know of a way that I can make the filesystem cover the
entire partition space?

When you created the partition, the default is to use an internal log on the same partition, which will explain why you don't have the whole partition size available. If you really want to reclaim that little bit of space, you need to remake the filesys on that partition, and in the mkfs.xfs command, use the option 'logdev=/dev/hdXY' (replacing the X and Y for a valid block device). You will gain the space back from the partition with the filesys, but will lose it from another partition.

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