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Firewall & Routing - help!

With the help of many on the previous thread (Firewall - Very limited Access - suggestions), I've built my firewall using fwbuilder & FC1. At present I've got it set up in a test environment. The firewall seems to be operating correctly with one exception, but my real problem is with my routing. I've always been terrible with routing.... At present, I can't traverse from a workstation on the "internal" subnet to host on "external" subnet, or internet.

I am not using NAT on this firewall, it just bridges two subnets - allowing very specific traffic through (antivirus/windows-sus, remote desktop). I need to get the routing between subnets working through the firewall.

"external subnet" - eth0 -
gatway to internet -
eth0 ip gw =

"internal subnet" - eth1 -
eth1 ip gw =

test host "internal"
ip gw =


Info from previous thread:
>I'm intersted in building a choke firewall for the following sistuation. Have a closed network (police dept). There are no >crosses to the internet. However, we'd like VERY LIMITED access by the Windows DC server for the following: >Windows update (via SUS), Symantec AV updates, VNC/or remote desktop connection to 1 or 2 admin workstations on
>our WAN.

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