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Re: gnome/nautilus in FC2 question (scripts in nautilus)

I should mention I came about this solution because when I created a new user there was no problem with the script menu appearing when the first script was added. So something in some registry file toggled the display of the script menu to never display. I could never find where that might be in my gnome files, so I deleted them all in my existing account so that I could start from scratch.

Brian Anderson wrote:

I had this exact same problem. All my old scripts wouldn't appear. Even newly added scripts wouldn't appear. I restarted gnome, checked the executables, etc.

I finally had to delete all the gnome window manager directories--.gnome, gnome2, etc--and re-login. Only after the directories were recreated, and I moved the scripts back did they start appearing. Not the greatest workaround, but effective

Andrea Giuliano wrote:

On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 15:59, Dexter Ang wrote:

Christoph Wickert wrote:

Am Do, den 10.06.2004 schrieb Cam um 10:07:


I like the new nautilus but wondered what's happened to the scripts feature? I see the help for nautilus still mentions File->Scripts but it's not in the menu... has it been configured out silently or is it a documentation error?

It will show up in the menu as so as you drop a script in the script folder.


And to those who don't know, the script folder is located in ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts

Right, and actually all my old scripts are still there, but they don't
appear in the menu anymore. They are organized in directories, and the
name of these dirs is the only thing the menu will show. Any script
inside them is not shown.

I also tried to drop a new script inside that folder, but nothing



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