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Re: FC2 killed my Hard Disk


smart error on reboot. smart errors in windows 2000 hard drive is 3 wks old can only assume FC2 killed my Hard Disk.

any ides????

Maybe post some details of the errors to help diagnosis. It's not clear what your problem is from the info you have given.

can smart be reset anyone know where some smart info is.

Smart comes from inside the disk itself, so only a person able to repair disks could reset it.

also it complaigns about the disc geom like the xp bug but I can still boot windows

Have you tried running 3rd party SMART disk tools. Maybe windows is not looking for errors?


Disks fail all the time, if you have an early failure count yourself lucky, because the device should be in warranty.

Don't say you didn't back up important stuff before trying to install a new OS into a dual boot machine.


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