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Re: disk partition probs - FC2 install

Alexander Dalloz wrote:

Am Sa, den 12.06.2004 schrieb Reg Clemens um 19:46:

I have a disk with the partitions out of order. i.e. hda5 is before hda4.
Is this a problem? Is it possible to change the order?

This is the result of using Disk Druid to partition the disk, and its
the reason I constantly complain about this piece of software that
RedHat has impoesed on us.

Not true. Disk Druid does not mix the partitions that way. The OP very certainly did use other tools, namely from the DOS/Windows[tm] world, like Partition Magic. Shall we bet?



I beg to differ with you. Disk Druid DOES reorder the partitions on the disk frequently.

I personally have seen the partition reorganization occur on 3 different installations, and have never used disk druid since.

In one case I was partiioning an 80gb drive and I created my swap partion as hda2, immediately following /boot (hda1).
When it was written to the disk it was placed in the extended partition and occupied the last few cylinders on the disk, after the location where hda8 was placed.

I know, I could have checked the item to "force" it to be a primary partition, but that should not be necessary, and I do NOT EVER want my swap partition to be at the extreme edge of the disk..

Additionally, in a thread on this list a couple months back another user posted his partition table results and his were also jumbled and not in partition name order on the disk.


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