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Re: Xine under Fedora Core 2

On Sun, 2004-06-13 at 12:04, hicham wrote:

Ok, first of all, please don't hijack threads.  Put your message in a
new email so people can find it better, and won't get confused with the
different subjects inside.  Having said that...

> I made a yum install xine  on FC2 
Me too.

> but couldn't play a dvd , I get 
> "Xine engine error"
> "There is no input plugin available to handle dvd:/"
> installed mplayer as well 
> " couldn't open DVD device "

Happened to me also.  I found 2 things....first, you have to specify
where your dvd is mounted inside the xine GUI.  Mine is /dev/cdrom1,
xine had it preset as /dev/dvd.  I changed that and then xine was able
to see it.  After you cure that problem you might run into the second
which is, it won't play encrypted dvds.  I was able to see a homemade
one I got from a friend at the job, but I couldn't see the store-bought
one.  I believe this is because of some kind of patent issues, and you
have to install separate plugins to get it to work.  I researched some
but didn't install them, and of course now I can't find the darn
bookmark :|.  Do a Google for xine dvd, I know I found it that way. 
Also, someone else might have the info on hand here.  

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