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Re: sound-juicer doesn't retrieve CD info...

Yes grip works, but sound-juicer does not. Is this a gstreamer thing?

serge pynte wrote:

Op di 15-06-2004, om 15:25 schreef Brian Anderson:

After one of my recent yum updates, sound-juicer has stopped fetching CD information. When I ask it to reread a cd it pauses for a while and then give me the message "This CD could not be queried: Cannot send/receive to/from server" on the terminal. I haven't changed my cd database preferences and when I checked them they looked ok (I even switched to a set server from round robin, but to no avail). XMMS can fetch CD info fine.

This is happening on two different machines. I was fetching from additional repositories (freshrpms, newrpms, and dag), but I moved back to a stock sound-juicer on one machine but it exhibits the same behavior.

Does anyone else experience this? Any hints on where to look for the problem?


I had the same prob today don't know how what happend... I used grip and
everything is fine with grip.

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