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Re: changing bootloaders in FC2

Looks like there was a RAID controller inside the system (LSI Logic
something....) Disabling that made it all go away. Me, I am a little user, and
really want this machine to work,hence the emphasis on efficiency....

Thanks for all your help.

--- Alexander Dalloz <alexander dalloz uni-bielefeld de> wrote:
> Am Di, den 15.06.2004 schrieb Globe Trotter um 15:09:
> > Sorry, but how/where do I get a hardware RAID adapter? I presume there are
> also
> > directions for installing it?
> For which reason do you want RAID? Is it a critical production system
> which must run and where downtime costs money? Then kick away your cheap
> controller and by a more expensive one where the chipset runs the RAID
> logic. Adaptec offers you such high price RAID controllers as well as
> 3Ware.
> With such real hardware RAID adapters you only see the RAID array and no
> single drives. You set up all RAID functions in the controller BIOS and
> you need no OS driver to have RAID functions. I.e. the 3Ware controllers
> are auto detected by Fedora Linux and you do not have to care for the
> RAID setup once you told the controller how to behave in it's BIOS.
> On the other hand, if you are a home user such hardware RAID controllers
> are mostly too expensive. Then just use Linux software RAID.
> Ok, I feel you got enough explanations. If still unsure please search
> this list's archive and do google search. The thing is really simple.
> Alexander
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