Fedora Core 2: Problem for diskless client.

frederic Alix frederic.alix at operamail.com
Thu Jun 17 01:56:22 UTC 2004

Hi All !

I've got a problem to install a boot server for diskless client.

I've installed dhcp,tftp,nfs server.
I was used the system-config-netboot program.
When my diskless client boot on the network,
it load kernel with PXE and few second later i've got this message:
"Kernel panic: No init found. Try passing init= option to kernel"

In my pxelinux.cfg/default, i find this:

label test
    kernel test/vmlinuz
    append  initrd=LALOUISIANE/initrd.img root=/dev/ram0 init=disklessrc NFSROOT= ramdisk_size=10000 ETHERNET=eth0 SNAPSHOT=

Where can i find the disklessrc file and where can install it ?

Best regard, Fred

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