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Re: Problems with medium check for FC2 despite of proper checksum! HELP

Mark said:

> So to summarize this, here are my questions:
> 1. If the checksums are ok, can I be sure that the iso files were
> downloaded ok? I guess it is not *ABSOLUTELY* guaranteed but the
> likelyhood is *REALLY* high 

Yes.  The problem you are having seems to be either with (a) the process of burning (bad CD-RW drive, bad media, etc.) or (b) reading the CDs.  Considering you had issues just reading the ISO file on a second machine I would guess (a).

> 2. Could the hwdata RPM be corrupt even though
> I am able to read the header
> info?

Very much so.  The header is just a small portion of the RPM file.

> How can I extract all the files from the RPM without installing them
>  to really read the RPM all the way to the end?

Your best bet would be to use "rpm -K".  It's not going to help you with the installer, though.

> 3. How do I get this to
> work? Is there anything special I have to consider when burning the iso
> images that's different fomr how it worked for FC1?

There shouldn't be.

William Hooper

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