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Re: Java and Firefox/Mozilla

On Fri, 2004-06-18 at 12:27 -0500, Dale Harkness wrote:
> I am having extreme difficulty trying to get the java plugin to work in Fedora Core 1 in Mozilla or Firefox.  I have tried the following:
> 1.  Downloaded a Java2 RPM, and downloaded J2RE from Sun, neither plugins they provided worked.
> 2.  Made a link from the plugin libjavaplugin_oji.so into the plugins directory for Mozilla and Firefox, keeps telling me that it is not installed
> 3.  did a ln -s instead of using the menu to make a link, did not work.
> Once upon a time i got this to work on a Core 1 machine, but i forget how i finally did it.  i remember i downloaded a java plugin from yet another website, and for some reason theirs worked.  does anyone have any ideas here ?
> dale

I have been using Dag Wieers' j2re and mozilla-j2re with good success on
FC2.  He should have FC1 packages as well.

/etc/yum.conf entry:

name=Dag APT Repository


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