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Re: Fedora, Public School budgets, Volunteerism??

Thank you for the quick responses.

Presently the district has a pair of T-1 lines going to the high school and lots of fractional T-1's connecting the central office and the other school buildings to the high school. They went the E-Rate route when it became available. (This is a long story not appropriate for fedora-list.)

I do not have a definite plan. I was looking for a network of like minded folks. IPsec is my plan. FreeSWAN my thought. I have Fedora 1 running fine with Fedora 2 sitting on disk ready for a good excuse to make the move.

Ken Jones

Christopher K. Johnson wrote:

Ken Jones wrote:

Our Public School district needs VPN, but feels it can not afford it.

I am a retired CISCO Techie with Aurora (Ansel) and Fedora Core1 networked in my spare bedroom.

I have the idea that I could volunteer my LINUX skills to the District (a strict MicroSoft house) by building and maintaining for them a software freebie VPN system.

It would seem that with the present budget crunches our public school districts, LINUX, plus volunteerism make a natural combo.

Do any of you know others doing anything similar? If so, please put me in touch.

Ken Jones

I expect to be doing that for a local school Union here this summer.
If IPsec VPN is what you are looking for I recommend using FC2. It is straight-forward to implement and is working for me in test environments. I wrote an OOo Impress document about it which I will be using at a Linux workshop next Monday. I'll revise that based on feedback from the session and share it with the list sometime next week.


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