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Re: [FC2] - AVM Fritz card not recognized

Christoph Wickert wrote/ha scritto, On/il 19/06/2004 14:01:

Am Fr, den 18.06.2004 schrieb antonio montagnani um 18:34:

I had deleted the entry from modprobe.con and rebooted.Still not able to load ISDN modules at boot-time

After installation I had

$ grep eth /etc/modprobe.conf
alias eth0 8139too
alias eth1 hisax

I used system-config-network -> Hardware to delete eth1 (that deleted
the eth1 line in modprobe.conf, too) and added a new "AVM PCI
(Fritz!PCI)". Save an exit.

If I go to system-config-network no eth2 present but AVMFritz(PCI)---that is recognized--is configured and not ok.What does it mean??? and what next???

$ chkconfig isdn on
$ service isdn restart
isdnlog herunterfahren					[  OK  ]
ISDN-Module entladen					[  OK  ]
ISDN-Module laden 					[  OK  ]
isdnlog starten						[  OK  ]
$ lsmod
Module                  Size  Used by
hisax                 452444  1
isdn                  111328  5 hisax
slhc                    5632  1 isdn

...everything seems to work! Status in system-config-network is
"Configured", now create an isdn connection (provider etc.)

Tnx a lot for help!!!!

You are welcome


I deleted AVM Fritz card from system-config-network and rebooted.
I do not see any eth2 (I have already two ethernet cards in modprobe.conf... and I do not see any alias eth2 hisax...
alias eth0 ne2k-pci
alias eth1 ne2k-pci
#alias eth2 hisax (it was commented after upgrade from FC1 to FC2 as it was not working any way..even with uncommented no hisax module loaded

and no hisax module loaded if I play with lsmod...

Any clue???

Tnx a lot


Antonio Montagnani

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