Fedora Core 2 Kernel 2.6.5-1.435 hangs / freezes

Clive Long rational_comms at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jun 22 09:21:48 UTC 2004

>>I haven't. You left out the most important factor
>> the hardware you have and if anything by nVidia,
>> drivers you use...

>> N.Emile...

This is a no-name laptop.

I have gathered the following information from the
"manual" and the Linux Hardware browser application.

BTW I'm a Linux newbie - so if there are "obvious" log
files I should be looking at / posting please just
indicate that in a follow-up posting.

Motherboard: SiS M645DX + 962 ChipSet
Video: ATI Radeon Mobility M9 Driver: Card ATI Radeon
Mobility M9
Network: RealTek 8139. Driver: 8139too
USB: SiS USB 2.0

I will "flip" between the two kernels and see if I can
determine a pattern in the "hanging/freezing"

Off-topic: Any chance of adding a simple Web interface
to type in these discussions / responses rather than
this e-mail only interface?


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