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Re: fc 2 nautilus 2.6 samba 3.0 - can't view samba via nautilus -can view from c

Thanks serge however I'd prefer to view my network without having to mount my shares. It appears that we are not the only ones having this smb, nautilus and possibly gnome problem. I've beenreading several emails with people having similar problems.

::ronnie :: :

Op di 22-06-2004, om 15:38 schreef ronnie escobedo:
> greetings
> I am running fc 2, nautilus 2.6 and samba 3.0 on a Dell 5100 Inspiron
> Laptop.
> The problem I am having is that I can not view my smb network in nautilus
> from my linux laptop.
> I can however see and access my network shares from the terminal command
> line. I can also see and access my linux laptop from other win pcs on my
> network. I have even been successful in mounting my smb shares.
> I'd like to be able to see my network via nautilus - I'm not sure if this is
> a nautilus problem or a mis-configuration of my smb.conf file.

I have the same problem here i can browse the smb network but not the
share with nautilus. i allready managed to do it this way i first mount
the shares ( it is not a very nice solution but works) :
sudo mount -t cifs //smbhostname/smbshare /mnt/somemountpoint -o
hope this helps
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