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Re: [FC2] - AVM Fritz card not recognized

Am Mi, den 23.06.2004 schrieb antonio montagnani um 23:59:

> Alexander and Christopher,
> it is late now so I can't check your suggestions but:
> 1) the card is PCI Fritcard PnP

Ok. Then the card is not proper in the PCI slot or the card is broken
now. And as I said check your BIOS settings.

> 2) the card was working in FC1 as eth2 (and before in RH9 and RH8,) that 
> is a week ago, so I would exclude any hardware failure!!!!

An ISDN card is no ethernet device! So eth2 is wrong under any

> The file isdncard is equivalent to Christopher's, but I can't understand 
> why I have this file (unless it does take in account that FC2 is un 
> upgrade from FC1....)

The file is there to give HiSaX the proper data about your ISDN card!
The hisax kernel module is for many ISDN cards. Just read the kernel

>  Antonio Montagnani 


Alexander Dalloz | Enger, Germany | GPG key 1024D/ED695653 1999-07-13
Fedora GNU/Linux Core 2 (Tettnang) on Athlon CPU kernel 2.6.6-1.435 
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