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Re: up2date and yum not working?

On Wednesday 23 June 2004 19:09, fred vachon wrote:
>You might try using one of the mirrors in yum.conf rather than the
> main Fedora download server.  It might be having some problems.  I
> had similiar problem today trying to use yum which had been fine in
> the past.  I switched to one of the mirrors and was fine.  You can
> find the mirrors at http://fedora.redhat.com/download/mirrors.html

I commented the fedora.redhat.com url line out, then reconstructed it 
with about 4 of the other east coast addresses but wasn't able to 
make yum talk to any of them.  I finally grabbed the updates with 
konqi and installed them with rpm.

Can someone post the full line that would be added to make it work 
with the duke (or ibiblio) http server?  Maybe I fubared it somehow.

Cheers, Gene
There are 4 boxes to be used in defense of liberty.  Soap, ballot, 
jury, and ammo.
 Please use in that order, starting now.  -Ed Howdershelt, Author
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