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Re: relaying denied

Am Do, den 24.06.2004 schrieb olga urbantimes net um 16:40:

> No, server X does not relay for the domains hosted on server Y (I do not
> have relay-domains file on X for for those domains that are on Y). Should
> I have it? May it cause any problems -- a lot of unwanted mail, spam?
> X is only backup MX for the domains that are on Y. It has its own domains
> it handles.
> I do not have a mailertable file either (well, I do but, nothing is in
> there).

You speak so straight forward about "backup MX" while I suspect you
don't really know what that means. Maybe you and we (those involved in
this thread) have different definitions for what a backup MX server is.

Server X is only then a backup MX server if and only if it knows about
the domains the primary MX is responsible for! Else it is just a second
mail server for a different set of domains. In other words, if your
server X has only domains in the local-host-names files which are not in
that file on server Y you have no backup MX. You then have 2 independent
mail servers and a misconfigured DNS. In this sense Steve's questions
and hints were totally right.


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