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Re: problems with system-config-bind

Am Fr, den 25.06.2004 schrieb Timothy Stone um 18:46:

> Is it me, or is it the tool, but system-config-bind really just doesn't 
> seem to make the cut.
> I'm moving a bind 9.2.1 config (from RHL8) to FC2 bind (installed via 
> rpm) and the system-config-bind tool either:
> 1. doesn't launch
> or
> 2. writes nonsensical zone files

I can't speak about the system-config-bind tool as my servers have no X.
Did you check bugzilla.redhat.com for bug reports regarding that
specific tool?

> My caching only server config from RHL8 worked, I would say flawlessly, 
> but the config doesn't like it. Now, I'm worried that a) my config was 
> always broken and system-config-bind is trying to tell me something or 
> b) the tool is hosed.
> In case it matters, I host multiple domains.

Either you have a caching only nameserver or you have an authorized DNS
for your domains.

> Tim

It might be helpful if you post representative lines from your
named.conf and corresponding old zone files, to see where there might be
an error with the old now not accepted zones.


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