Fedora book

Mike mwpowell at snappydsl.net
Sun Jun 27 20:50:40 UTC 2004

On Sun, 2004-06-27 at 16:33, Michael Sullivan wrote:
> Can anyone recommend to me a Fedora Core or otherwise applicable linux
> book or book series that would explain from beginner to advanced level
> how to work with server stuff like sendmail, mailman and such.  I find
> the documentation to be very confusing and I have a short attention span
> anyway.  I am disabled, so my network is the only thing I have to offer
> as an improvement to the world around me, and I'm not even that good at
> it.  
> -Michael Sullivan-

I read RedHat Linux 7 put out by SAMS. It was pretty good. I don't know
if they have a newer version. To help me learn more about Linux in
general, I got the Linux + book by Sybex, and read that. Then took the
exam. The Linux + certification was more for having a goal to work
towards. I tend to accomplish things more efficiently if I have some
sort of structure or goal in mind.

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