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Re: Can I create a DNS list on my computer?

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On Monday 28 June 2004 15:46, - - s r b - - wrote:

> Yes it seems like my DNS is slow, hence the original inquiry! :-)
> I will try this out as well as Ben's caching-nameserver suggestion...
> just one question, is the syntax of your instruction correct? By adding
> "install ipv6 /bin/true" to my /etc/modprobe.conf, that will UNinstall
> ipv6?? It looks backwards, but maybe I am misinterpreting it... :-)

Yes, it tells the (module tools?  initscripts?) that to install the ipv6 
module, you just run /bin/true.  And naturally you get a happy return code 
from that ;-)

I once managed to leave in /etc/resolv.conf a static DNS cache from here on a 
machine I then took elsewhere.  I was puzzled it was slow and it was puzzled 
as to why I was telling it to look at for DNS :-)  Hence I 
suggest looking with tcpdump at what goes on at the wire when you are doing a 
DNS lookup. stuck out like a sore thumb when I did this.  You 
might as well turn off ipv6 anyway, but if it is trying to talk ipv6 that 
will also stick out like a sore thumb.  tcpdump is very very useful.

- -Andy

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