My Linux partitions are lost.

Giandomenico De Tullio ghisha at
Tue May 11 07:17:13 UTC 2004

On 11/05/2004 08:58:18, Vikas.Bhasin at wrote:
> Hi All,
> I had Linux FC1 and Windows XP home edition on my Dell inspiron 8500.
> For
> some reason, i had to reinstall XP and as a result the GRUB loader  
> was
> overwritten. I knew GRUB can be reinstalled easily, so didn't worry
> about
> it.
[.... snip ....]
> Is there any way by which i can preserve my previous Linux
> installation
> and get the GRUB in MBR. Or do I have to reinstall Linux?

hmmm, what about installing grub into SuperBlock of "boot partition" ?
and add linux "boot" partition to XP bootmanager ?

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