How can I use New package: W3C Markup Validator in local?

Green green at
Thu May 13 10:59:03 UTC 2004

> > > So I installed w3c-markup-validator 0.6.5 in my computer by using
> > > 'apt-get install'. Installation was complete, I do not know how to use
> > > it in my local machine. First of all, what is a command to start this
> > > program?
> >
> >rpm -ql w3c-markup-validator
> That command will not start the program. It will list all the files in the 
> package and you can probably see from that list which file is the command 
> to run. Probably starts with /bin, /usr/bin, or a path like that although 
> that's not guaranteed. You can also use "rpm -qd" specifically to get the 
> listing of documentation files; and you can check the program's website for 
> more detailed instructions.

By using a command: $ rpm -ql w3c-markup-validator,
/usr/share/w3c-markup-validator/index.html is found. Mozilla browser shows HTML by double clicking this. 
This file may be a main display to show a result of HTML checking.
So that, I made a symbolic link to Desktop as follows:
ln -s /usr/share/w3c-markup-validator/index.html ~/Desktop/w3c-markup-validator

Thank you very much for your help.


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