Avocent KVM switch -- working fine.

Karl L karlh at concentric.net
Sat May 15 05:49:58 UTC 2004

I asked for opinions about the Belkin KVM switch to allow sharing 
of monitor, mouse and keybord between two computers (one running FC1 and one running Windows XP Home).  The Belkin recieved lousy reviews from listers who had tried one but the Avocent KVM switch got raves.

So, I ordered an Avocent online at:  http://www.kvm-switches-online.com/avocent-cybex-switchview.html

I got the model 10045 4-port PC/2 and three sets of cables.  Each cable
cable set is comprised of a video, keyboard and mouse cable (PS/2, as I said); model was CP2-6A (6' long, they didn't show the 10' model but one
lister advised the longer cable for ease of installation).

Price was $95.99 for the switch, 69.60 for the 3 cable-sets & $11 for ground shipping.  Took 3 days to arrive.

Hooked it up to a 21" Tektronix monitor but the video image was so faint
I could read the screen only from memory of what I knew to be there.  Hooked it up to a Dell Ultrascan 15FS -- two computers - it worked beautifully.  Push the button and you switch for a fully operational FC1
or Windows Home XP machine (I have used dual-booted machines but this is an instantaneous change, not a reboot).

Then I hooked it up in its present configuration -- three computers (two running FC1 - a test version and the latest stable version with the third running XP Home) but on a different monitor - a 17" Sony Multiscan 17sfII.

Works like a charm!  I don't know why the Tektronix wouldn't work with this switch (when it happened I thought perhaps it was the video card but obviously that's not it since there were no problems with other monitors).

My thanks to those who recommended the Avocent switch.  As far as I'm concerned, the Avocent does everything I hoped it would.

Karl L

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